Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keeping busy

So school is done and I am freaking bored out of my mind. A few things are good for being unemployed and nothing to actually do. I have fixed my desk top computer. About 3 years ago I got bombarded by viruses on my desk top. It may or may not have had something to do with internet porn but that is not what is important. After that happened I just bought my laptop I have been very pleased with it and would never go back to using a desk top. However I would like to use it for music storage. My goal since getting the LT was to get the other up and running and use it for just that. It has been 3 years and a lofty goal considering I don't know much about computers. I did successfully get everything I wanted off the computer and on to this one. So yesterday I wiped it out and started fresh by reinstalling everything. The thing is the old computer I got back in 2002 so reinstalling puts me back on 2002 stuff requiring lots of updates. Which is what I am doing today. After that I will be ripping as many cds as I can to it. I am thinking I will also be selling off most of those cds. I don't need them I will have all the music I wanted and it will free up precious space in my apartment. Plus having more money wouldn't hurt either.

Speaking of that the job search is not going that well and I am beginning to hit panic mode. I am thinking of getting a part time now to pack rat more money. That is the one good thing of staying at home every day is that I am not really spending any extra money by staying in lol.

I am really at a loss as to what to do with myself. It's been a long time since I have had almost nothing to do. After school let out I had the pride parade to keep me occupied. Which by the by went great I couldn't have been happier. Everything went very smooth and only minor things happened but all in all I am very pleased. It struck me that I never put things like that on my resume. So I have added it I mean really I ran a freakin parade and not a small one either it was pretty substantial. I have marched bands in smaller parades than this one. But anyway. Yes I am bored. I have done dishes everyday I have clean the bathroom twice now. I have started 3 new knitting projects and finished 2 old ones that had just been sitting there. I am now blogging again so that is a sign of insanity.


Ugh I need a job or a sugar daddy.